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The launch of Grand Theft Auto 5 has started a new era in video games. This popular video game is quite a hit with gamers across the world. While the previous games that the Rockstar company developed would feature variations of characters, they never really stood out from the crowd. What makes this title so much different from the others that have come before it is the fact that this is a wholly original game with a new storyline and concept.

This time, the game is available for mobile phones and tablets as well as computers. If you were lucky enough to get hold of one of the early versions of the game for mobile phones, then you may want to download the latest version of the game for your phone to enjoy the many benefits it offers.

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The title of GTA 5 mobile game is a huge hit with people across the globe as it is highly entertaining and often times brutal at the same time. The title of the game is somewhat misleading as it features violence which is nothing new but if you are looking for something that will cause trouble for your friends or family members, then this is definitely the right title for you.

Grand Theft Auto 5 android

The characters that you will encounter in the game can be brutal and you might be given the choice to kill the characters as well. If you have been asked to kill someone in the game, then you should not worry because the character will automatically die within seconds.

The Grand Theft Auto mobile game for Android and iPhones was initially launched only in China and Japan but recently it was launched in other parts of the world. It was also meant to be launched on BlackBerry devices, but due to security reasons, it was decided that it should be released only on the Android and iPhone platforms.

The unique climate of GTA V available on the phone

These games are becoming extremely popular not only in these two territories but all over the world as well. Even people who live in the United States can now get hold of this title through mobile phones which are also available for the iPhones.

The source code that the developers used to create the Android and iPhone versions of the game was locked up until a few days ago. This meant that only the developers and Rockstar itself could access this code, which allowed them to create the game and release it to the public.

Once the code was released, it was sent to mobile phones and tablets over the internet. This was done to prevent the spread of viruses and spyware that can infect the mobile phones.

If you want to play the Grand Theft Auto game on your Android or iPhone, you need to install the games on your mobile phones through Wi-Fi connection. After installing the game, you can choose the option to start the game from the home screen.

Some of the characters are quite brutal in nature and you have to earn points to get rid of them as they are classified into certain categories. Some of the categories include the Professional, Gangster, Demolition Man, Diner, Night Clubber, Gunsel, Gangsta, Time Thief, Dummy and the Stuntman.

Although you cannot use your mobile phones to hack into the software that is in the Grand Theft Auto game, you can still play the game with a special “gta” remote. This can be found on the internet and can be downloaded free of cost.

There are many reasons why you need to download the game to your mobile phones. It would help you stay in touch with your friends and family members while you are on the move.